Almost home...

Sorry the posts have been few and far between. Soon we will be out of this place :) The girls are doing so well. We are planning to come home this week as long as they both keep their weights up and don't have any significant spells. We are all so ready to be home!
As of yesterday, Lincoln weighed 6lbs 2ozs and Maya weighed 5lbs 7ozs. Lincoln got her feeding tube pulled last week and Maya lost hers a few days back too. The docs have decided that Maya will be kept on O2, but that's ok. We are just happy to get to take her home, hopefully at the same time as her sis! Mom had her shower this past Saturday. Grandma Chicky threw a beautiful party and it was so great to get to see everyone!
Aunt Karrie has painted our nursery and it looks amazing! I will be sure to post pics of it soon.
We'll keep everyone posted on our homecoming. Love to you all!

Here are some random pics from the last couple weeks:

We both passed our carseat tests!
Dad's on daiper duty
Shower - and that's just the dessert table!
Our Girls
Grandpa Dean
Holy Moly! We are spoiled already!
Lincoln's pretty face - no more tubes!
Cute Hat
Maya Jo
Mom & Girls
Sister Sister
Look how much bigger Lincoln's head is.. it's huge :)