Just a quick note from Mom

Just wanted to put up a quick post while I had a chance. I can not download pics to this computer, so just some new info for you all.
Lincoln is getting so big and is now 5lbs 12 oz. She had been tooting up a storm and we now call her tootie. Seriously, like that much noise should not come out of such a little person. She is really doing a great job on breastfeeding. Her weight has kind of hovered so mom had to succumb to what we now call the great bottle war of 2011. The docs just felt like she is using so much energy to breastfeed, and that bottle feeding with a high flow would get her orally feeding without all the work. Mom was super emotional and reluctant to give this up, but our fist day proved successful. She gained a whole ounce over night! Plus dad does such a good job at it :) They are really hinting that Lincoln may get to go home soon. Not quite sure how soon, but are keeping our fingers crossed.
This has brought on such mixed emotions. We will be so happy to get her home, but so sad that Maya will still have to stay. Wondering how we will be able to take care of and nurse both girls with Maya still here. Just cant wait to get them both home so we can finally be a family and take care of our own children.
Maya is doing good too. She is actually 5lbs 8oz (not 5lbs 10oz- from last post) and catching up to her sis fast! She is still trying to figure out this whole breathing thing. Lots of up and down with her oxygen. They keep trying to ween her, and then she will start to really struggle again. Preparing ourselves for her to come home on it, but really hoping she doesn't. Yesterday they felt like she was really carrying a lot more fluid and needed to have a nice stool to get her respiratory rates down. And that she did :) Our wonderful nurse was helping to get things moving down there and Maya let go all over her hand!! It was so funny! I have never seen so much poop go shooting out of a baby :) I think she feels much better now!
Sorry we have been so out of touch. I will try to post some pics soon.

7 Weeks!

Hello Everyone, Savannah has asked me to do a quick post for them.

This week has been a long week for the Maxwell's. Savannah is having to stay at the hospital now 24/7, and Dad stays when he can. Both girls are working on breast feeding and it is very important that Mom is there for every single feeding. They are working on coordination of sucking, swallowing and breathing. This is a big task for preemies.

I now call them my BIG girls, as they have both jumped the 5lb mark! Lincoln weighs in at 5lbs 90z. and Maya at 5lb 1oz.

Maya is also working on getting rid of her nasal cannula. She tries a little each day- baby steps. She will get there one day.

Mom and Dad celebrated their 2ND Anniversary this week sitting vigilantly with their new loves.

Each day brings new hurdles to jump, but slowly but surely they are getting there.

I am going to post a couple of pictures of the girls, we are not allowed to use flash on the camera and my camera is not as good as Savannah's, but I will do my best.

Thank you to everyone for their continued support to Adam, Savannah, Lincoln and Maya, you may never know how much each and every thing you have done has meant to them.

~ 6 weeks ~

So many big steps this week!!
Lincoln came off her oxygen on Sunday and has been off all week. Maya is being weened down and has been doing really well.
Maya has been getting to try breastfeeding now too. Yesterday, mom got to feed both girls at the same time for the first time. It was tricky to keep both girls on, but with dads help we are getting a hang of it.
Today the girls graduated to big girl cribs. It is so nice to be able to see and hear them so much better. Not to mention how much easier it is to change diapers now that we don't have to reach through little port-holes.
Maya now weighs 4lbs 8oz and Lincoln weighs 5lbs!!! And both girls are 18in long now!!!!

5 weeks old!!!

We can't believe the girls are 5 weeks old!!! Sorry I have not updated the blog since last week. Life is very busy now as we get to be more and more involved in the girls' care.
Maya is now 4lbs!!! She is being weened down little by little on her oxygen and seems to be doing well. This week she got to start non-nutritive practice feedings. She has only tried a couple times, but is figuring it out. She really seems to be catching up to her sister.
Lincoln is 4lbs 6oz! She is working on coming off her nasal cannula all together. Lincoln is now working on real breast feeding!! It is so exciting! Right now we get to try for a few minutes once a day before a tube feeding starts. We will work on it everyday until she gets strong enough to take in a full feeding on her own.
Mom and Dad are so amazed at how strong the girls are. We know we have a ways to go but are so hopeful and eager for a healthy homecoming!