1/12/2011 - A cold and quite day

We were resting peacefully pretty much the whole day today. We are both doing well. Mom and Dad got to do "Kangaroo Time" today which really helped us all feel a little better.
We hope Grandpa Bob is feeling better and cant wait to meet him.
A HUGE Thank You to all the NMOMers who have been sending their birth stories and kind words! You have no idea how much it helps to hear that you all have survived very similar circumstances and that your children have all grown up to be healthy and wonderful! It is also so helpful to hear how you all coped  yourselves. We are doing our best to rest and eat so that we can be as strong as we can for the girls.
I am certain that we could not be doing this with out all of your support!

Maya Jo

Lincoln Elizabeth

Lincoln's Home

Maya's Home

Mommy and Maya

Daddy and Lincoln


  1. Savannah and Adam, it was so good to see you all yesterday. Grandpa got to come home yesterday afternoon. He's taking his morning nap already. The girls are doing great. So glad you still get to send some pictures, that way we can see them. They are making progress, with all your love and caressing. Remember to read or sing to them each day. We love all of you. Lincoln is beginning to look a like lot Jacob, at first I thought she look like you Savannah, but she is changing each day. They are so precious.

  2. It's so wonderful to hear how well all 4 of you are doing. I know it had to be hard to adjust to the new restrictions but it will all pay off in the end. BTW: Can you believe G. Shirley is blogging? HaHa. Next it's Facebook so she can keep up with us all. XOXO

  3. Your blog is great, so happy to hear both girls are doing well and getting stronger each day!! Can't wait to get to meet them and thanks so much for the updates! Hope you both are doing well, you are wonderful parents and look so happy and proud holding the girls!!

    Love, John and Dena

  4. Love how Lincoln looks like daddy and Maya looks like mommy!