1/5/2011- Improvements around every corner!

The girls are doing so well! They are making so many improvements it is almost to many to remember them all.
MAYA- Got her echo back and the medicine worked! Since her heart was good the dr. also decided that she could go off her ventilator. She was extubated and put on CPAP and is taking her own breaths now! She also got to get her umbilical line out.
LINCOLN- Got a new central PICC line today and started feeding!!! Still on a feeding tube, and will be until she is strong enough to breath and swallow at the same time, but she is getting real food!!! They gave her the first few CCs of milk I had pumped at the hospital and it was so exciting!!! Adam thinks that once they get that milk in them they will just jump right up and walk out :)
They were both looking so good today and both got to go off the bili-lights so no more giant sunglasses! It was so neat to be able to see their faces! They were both opening their eyes and looking around.
Grandma Peggy and Mim (Kim) came to visit today.
So did Dr.s Gibson and Sullivan. Thank you so much for the snacks and water! You all know me too well!

What a good day! Keep up the good work girls!

Lincoln opens her eyes for a split second: 

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