What a good day!
Mommy got to change Maya's daiper today and take her temp. Lincoln has been getting lots of milk and took a nice big dump :) It was so much she blasted out of her diaper and then stuck her hand in it. Maya had a little poop today too, but she was nice and precise about it. Right now Maya is having trouble digesting milk so she is not getting fed. She still has some residual in her stomach from her feeding on Thursday night so they do not want to keep adding more on top. We have both been sucking on our practice binkies so we are ready for mom when we are strong enough to feed.
Mom and Dad got to hold Lincoln today!!! It was amazing! Mom got to do "Kangaroo Time" which means I got to hold her skin to skin for over an hour!!! Dad read "One Fish, Two Fish" to us while we cuddled. Dad got to hold her really quick too. (You are really only supposed to have one hold a day at this point, but our nurses are the best and let him sneak one in before she had to go back in her isolette.) She is so tiny. You can really tell by how little she looks in Dad's arms. Dad also got to give her a little smooch.
Our visitors today: Papi and Grandpa Dean, Uncle Jake, Uncle Ted, Chicky, and Mama Joy. Uncle Ted read us a book.
Thank you Grandma Peggy!! She made us some snugglers that Mom and Dad wear on their body, and then put in the isolette so the girls have thier scent. They are so cute a soft!!!
Can't believe that tomorrow we are a week old. For mom and dad these days have all been smooshed together. Time goes by way too fast.
Napoleon and Tuna came home today. We missed them too much. Thank you Chicky, Reg, and Jake for taking care of them!
Looking forward to a good weekend.
Maya looks just like Mommy!

Daddy holding Lincoln for the first time.

Lincoln's little hand

Maya peeking at us.

Mommy holding Lincoln for the first time.

Daddy giving Lincoln a big kiss.

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