What a feeling!

Everyone told me I would be experiencing the most wonderful feeling in the world a love like no other. I thought I knew what they were talking about. I have kids, I love very much, how could it be any different. Well I can't explain, but there is a new kind of love in my heart that these two beautiful girls have brought into our lives.

Savannah has asked me to help her in keeping everyone updated, as somedays she just won't have the time. So today I am just trying out my first post. I will be adding some new pictures later. As Savannah admitted, this is her first attempt at Social Networking, I too am a first time Blogger, so bear with me.

I wish each of you could see Adam and Savannah and the light in thier eyes as they beam with pride over thier two girls.

As each of you follow, I encourage you to leave The Maxwell family any messages. They have a long road a head of them before they can bring thier precious girls home and most of thier life for the next 12 weeks will consist of being with the girls at Childrens Mercy Hospital and trying to get some rest at home, and at some point work. Please continue to keep them all in your daily prayers.

Love Gramma Chicky (aka Robin)

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