Wait, What?

12/17/2010 - Moved into our new home!!!
Adam and I closed on our new house and began moving in right away. YAY! We love it!
Our New Home

12/24 - 12/26/2010 - Merry Christmas!
We had a wonderful Christmas! Got to see some family and went to the Christmas Carol. We were so happy to be in our new home!

Christmas Eve and Mims

Opening our stocking Christmas Morning

The Maxwell Family after the Christmas Carol

 12/28/2010 - Just your typical Tuesday.....
Back to work after the holiday and had a pretty busy day as usual. After a lunch meeting I was feeling a lot of contractions. I had been having them since Thanksgiving and the doctor had said they were completely normal. Just wanting to be careful, I called up to their office. They had me go to Labor and Delivery just to get checked out. When we arrived, I was contracting every 2-3 minutes, but was not dilating at all. It was quite a long evening there at the hospital, but after a 3rd round of meds to stop the contractions, they were wiped out. Poor Adam had to watch the Tigers defeat at the hospital.

12/31/2010 - Happy New Year!
Adam and I were, and still are, slowly but surely getting things moved into the new house. We spent the day cleaning up our old house, and then came home to relax. Our midnight celebration was the mounting of the TV.. yay :)

1/1/2011 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
This ended up being the scariest and most amazing day of our lives. We slept in and had plans for a relaxing day of family and FOOD and Aunt Sherrie's for Goldsbury Christmas. I was having some cramping, but nothing too bad, so I went about my business as usual. Took a shower, got ready, put some laundry away. A little after 1 the cramps were getting pretty painful so we called up and were told again to head to Labor and Delivery. For the most part we were under the impression that we would go get the shots again to stop the contractions and be on our way to Aunt Sherrie's.
That was all soon out the window. By the time we got there I was completely thinned out, about 5 cm dilated, and my water was about to break. From there on out everything happened so fast. I have never been so scared and bewildered in my life. I knew it was way too early and could not understand how this could be happening.
After an update from the nurses, Dr. Meyers (who just so happens to be the physician who delivered me and all of my siblings) decided it would be best to head straight to the OR. This was the moment that I realized that they were really coming. Lincoln and Maya Maxwell were born on New Years Day 2011 at only 28 weeks. It all happened so quickly, and by 3:55p we heard our first little girl crying!
Lincoln Elizabeth was born at 3:55p. She weighed 3lbs and 2oz, and was 15 in long. She was crying immediately. Dad gave me a play by play as they were fixing her up and within a minute we could hear the cry's of Maya Jo! She was born at 3:56p, weighed 2lbs and 13oz, and was 14.75 in long. 
We barely got a peek at them before they were transported directly to Children's Mercy. I did get to see that although they were tiny, they looked good. The first thing we noticed was that Lincoln has dark hair like her dad while Maya was all blond just like me :)

Lincoln - A few hours old

Maya - a few hours old

1/2/2011 - 1 day old
I had to spend the night in recovery at NKC, but was very lucky that they agreed to discharge me by the afternoon so I could go see my girls. My nursing staff was wonderful and despite the circumstances, could not have asked for things to have gone better.  
The very second we could, we were out of there and headed down to see Lincoln & Maya. They are in the NICU at Children's Mercy.

Lincoln is doing a little better than Maya. Lincoln go to be extubated within 24 hours and is breathing now with only a nasal cannula (Oxygen in her nose). Maya is not quite ready to breath on her own yet. She also has PDA, which means there is a vessel in her heart that did close up like it normally would have if she was full term. She is receiving rounds of medication and we should get the results of the follow-up echo back very soon. Despite their being so premature and tiny, they are really doing well. They are strong and stable. We know it is a long road ahead, but are trying to stay positive and hopeful!

Maya holding tight to her little lamb

Lincoln and her little monkey
1/3/2011 & 1/4/2011 - 2 & 3 days old
The girls are both hanging in there. Lincoln is still a little ahead, but was having a little trouble keeping her temp regulated. Maya is still intubated and taking the meds for her PDA.

Adam and I are allowed to reach in there and touch them every now and then. It is so hard to not be able to hold them. Actually I am still in shock that they are not still inside me. It is weird though that I recognize their body parts, just feeling them with my hands now instead of them poking around from the inside.

Grandpa Dean and David, Grandma Kathy, Grandma Chicky and Grandpa Reg, and Grandpa John have all been in to visit us!!! Uncle Jake and Aunt Karrie too!

We are hanging in there. This is the hardest thing we have ever done, but we are so grateful for all your thoughts and support.

Dad visiting Maya

Mom and Maya

Today is Grandpa John's Birthday and he has to be out of town for work :( We are thinking about you Dad and hope you have a good Birthday.

I will update again as soon as I can.

Love you all!


  1. This is wonderful!! I am so happy for you guys and thrilled the girls are doing good. Can't wait to see, hug and kiss you all. Love, Great Aunt Bobbie TeHe.

  2. Love you all so much! I can't wait to hold those teeny little bundles of joy! Congrats again, you have a beautiful little family!
    Love, Aunt Nikki ;)

  3. I love you guys! I can't wait to meet the girls! They are absolutly perfect!!! I admire you so much Savannah- you are such a strong woman! Love, Taylor!!!