4 weeks old!

We are 4 weeks old today!!
Lincoln reached the 4lb mark this week. She lost an ounce the following day and dropped just below, but we are still so excited that she is getting bigger! She is getting to spend quality time at the breast with Mom every day and really seems to be figuring it out. By the time she is strong enough to come off her feeding tube she will be ready! She is doing really well at keeping her temp and may even get to move into an open crib sometime in the next couple weeks.
Maya is still following behind a bit. Her blood transfusion improved her hemoglobin levels, but she is still having respiration issues. She is having a hard time keeping her O2 levels up and despite daily meds her lung x-rays are looking worse. We hope she can get better soon and be able to come out more like her sis. Keep her in your thoughts.


Lincoln has graduated to preemie pampers!

Maya - 4 weeks

Lincoln - 4 weeks

Lincoln's pic of her sis.

Maya's pic of her sis.


  1. Wow! 4 weeks old. So happy they are doing good. Give Maya an extra kiss from me to make her feel better.

  2. Oh! And I just love the pictures you put in their isoletes so they can see each other.