Lincoln looking right at me.

Lincoln's big yawn.

Lincoln wide awake.

Maya holding Chicky's hand

Little lamb Maya.

Maya- sleepy head.
We were both so awake and alert today. We are both gaining weight and doing really well otherwise. Maya did have to get a blood transfusion today, which was scary, but immediately had an effect on the bradycardia episodes. Mommy and Daddy got to hold again today, and should get to every day now as long as we continue to improve. Mommy is pumping right along too... literally.
Our visitors today: Chicky, Grandpa Dean and Papi, and Morgan.
We are all really going to miss our nurses that we've had the past few days! Without them we would not be doing so well.
Mommy and Daddy have been researching prematurity and life in the NICU. This is not something we had ever imagined we would have to plan for. Even though we had been reading baby books throughout my whole pregnancy, we feel behind. Click on the links here if you are interested in info about premature birth or about the NICU. The March of Dimes is a wonderful resource with info on premature birth as well as volunteer and donation opportunities.
Thank you so much Tones and Anthony for helping get fruniture into the house! You have no idea how much stress it takes off me to get the house in order. You guys ar the best!
Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers!

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  1. Savannah, your little girls are so beautiful! I'm so excited to babysit them this summer and they can be best friends with Ryan's baby!! I have been reading your blog since day 1 and think about you and Adam daily. I love you and can't wait until I get to meet them! Love, Danielle Neverve