1/8/11 - One Week Old

We are 1 week old today and it was another one full of improvements.
Both girls had low enough billirubin that they are off their lights for now - which means no more sun glasses. Maya didn't have any residuals, so she is now feeding every 3 hours just like her sister. Daddy got to change Mayas diaper twice today. Both girls are also gaining weight now and Maya is catching up. Currently Lincoln weighs 2 lbs 10 ozs and Maya is 2lbs 8 ozs. And the best news of all... we both got to do "Kangaroo Time" today! It was wonderful! Daddy got to hold Lincoln while Mommy held Maya.
We had lots of visitors again today: Papi and Grandpa Dean, Aunt Saundra and Aunt Judy Maxwell, Aunt Andrea and Taylor with Grandma Chicky, Mama Joy, Aunt Karrie, and Aunt Judy Trimmell, and Tony.
Thank you Mim and Gaga, Mim and Grandpa John, Uncle Johnny, and Aunt Amy for coming to visit mom and dad last night. Going home is the hardest thing we have ever done and it doesn't get any easier (at least not yet). The evenings have been very emotional for us, so it was so nice to have you all there.
Maya has been having little episodes of bradycardia. Her nurse suspects that she may have low blood volume. They are keeping an eye on her for now. If she is low, she will end up getting a transfusion. That being said, I am a member of the Northland Mothers of Multiples group. We are having a small blood drive on Thursday 1/13 from 4:00 - 7:00pm. There will be a mobile donation clinic in the parking lot at Good Shepherd United Methodist Church (9555 North Oak Trfy). I would love to donate but can't just yet. We would love it if anyone who has time to go give blood on our behalf.
Also, we have started a shutterfly page where I will post all of our pics. Click here or go to lincolnmayamaxwell.shutterfly.com. The password is the girls birth date: 010111. It is much easier to upload whole albums so you all can see much more than just the ones I put on here. I have not had time to label or delete the duds yet. If anyone wants you can also order prints.

Daddy and Lincoln

Mommy and Maya

The Maxwell Family



Our Family

Maya on the adorable snugglies Grandma Peggy made.

Lincoln on her snuggly from Grandma Peggy

Go Chiefs!!! Two bigg booties and one tiny one :)

Daddy has already told us all about the Cheifs being in the Play-offs.

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  1. Congratulations on your beautiful girls! I'm so happy for you and am keeping you all in my thoughts.

    Cousin Kat