Another great day with tons of improvements! Both girls are now getting little bits of momma's milk! Maya is doing really well on her CPAP and we are hoping to switch to a nasal cannula in the morning. We had a little spike in our billirubin, so had to go under the light and put our sunglasses back on. We were both very active this morning. Lincoln was on her belly and kept pushing up so strongly with her arms and legs it looked like she was about to get right up. By the afternoon our nurses had us so snug we were both snoozing away.
We had lots of visitors today: Henedine, Uncle Jake, Michelle and Liz, Papi David and Angie, Grandpa Reg, and of course, Grandma Chicky. We are also lucky enough to have our friends Kerri and Lisa, who both work at Children's, come check on us. Thanks to all of you for all your support!!! Papi, thank you so much for the dinner, and especially the banana pudding - my favorite!!! You're the best!
We feel so lucky to be here at Children's Mercy! All of our nurses and physicians are so great. They are taking such good care of us, and mommy and daddy too.
THE BIG MOMENT OF THE DAY: Mommy got to change Lincoln's diaper today!!!! I know it is such a small thing, but I almost lost it.

Maya's tiny pinkie next to mommy's.

Maya's big yawn

Lincoln stretching out

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  1. So glad you are keeping us informed. You and Adam done a great job. They are beautful and precious. Can't hardly wait to see them in person. They are really getting active. I bet when they were in your tummy they "said,
    getting crowded in here, lets split". Just like sisters, ganging up on Mom. I've had a cold and grandpa is still scheduled for surgery Tuesday, so it will be awhile before we get down to see them. you and Adam are doing a fine job, talking and touching them.
    Love all of you. Grandma & Grandpa