Today was a good day. Lincoln had to go back on her nasal cannula, but neither girls were having bradycardia spells or apnea as much today. The girls were all swaddled up. This is a step towards getting them to self regulate their temperatures so that they can eventually be out of the isolette. Lincoln had a pretty bow in her hair today and she looked so sweet. Lincoln is back up to her birth weight of 3lbs 2 oz, and Maya is almost there at 2lbs 12oz. Maya is still not tolerating her feeds as well as her sister so she gets only 11cc of milk every 3 hours plus TPN and lipids. Lincoln is all the way up to 25cc and is getting a human milk fortifier to bump up her cals so she will gain.
They are both so sweet and we can not believe it has almost been 2 weeks now.
Lincoln's cute bow.

Sleepy girl.

Maya Jo.



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