Great while it lasted

Well, the girls are still doing well. However, we found out today that we have not really been following the usual standards of the NICU. We were told that the things the nurses were letting us do or sometimes even encouraging us to do thus far, are not conducive to a healthy environment for the girls and they are being over stimulated. I guess we were all just too excited and under the impression that they were doing much better than reality. Although the girls are well and making improvements, they should still not be here for 11 weeks. We should be creating a womb like environment. This means many changes.
From now on, the girls isolettes will have to be covered at all times to shield the light. We will also not be taking as many photos, if any, so please enjoy the ones we have so far.
Most importantly, we are no longer supposed to have guests. Thank you to everyone who was lucky enough to meet us already. Everyone else will have to wait until our homecoming.
Grandmas and Grandpas, you are still welcome to visit. We just have to cut back. Also, there is no more touching by anyone other than Mom, Dad, and the NICU staff. Please adhere to these new rules if you are visiting without us, and feel free to read this protocol outline the nurse left out on her desk for more details.
This news was really difficult for us as we had been encouraged to initiate these behaviors. We are glad to have had these first few days to meet our new baby girls, and understand that these protocols are in their best interest. Mom will continue to keep you all updated, and try to take a picture as the nurse allows. Grateful for all your kind thoughts.

Here are a couple pictures from today, which was actually a really great day for both girls. Lincoln no longer needs a nasal cannula so you can see her face much better now. They are both feeding and gaining!


  1. You both are doing a wonderful job taking care of these precious little girls. I can read the unending love and devotion in every post. Please let us know if there is anything you need.

  2. They are so perfict, i cant wait to see them in person! They are just waitting on the good warm weather to come home,i cant blaim them:}