1/18/11 & 1/19/11

Just wanted to add some pics since I didn't get to it the last two nights. The girls are doing good. Maya is now 3lbs 2 oz!!! She came off the cpap last night and they keep increasing her feeds so she is no longer receiving TPN and lipids! She may even get to lose her IV soon! Lincoln continues to impress us. Both girls are being swaddled again so Mom got to hold Lincoln all bundled up for a long time yesterday. Today Mom and Dad both got to Kangaroo hold. Dad was trying out some of his prime material on Lincoln and we swear she was laughing :) There's much more where that came from.
Hope everyone is staying safe and warm in this blizzard.

Our New Pack'n'Play

Mommy and Lincoln

Sweet Lincoln

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  1. I'm glad they are both gaining weight just like me. It won't be long and Maya will catch up to her sister.